7 days to get settled

Welcome to my blog! I’ve promised many people I’d keep them informed about my experiences while away. Writing posts over here seems like a nice and proper way to do it. Please feel free to comment on anything I post, I’d love to hear from you!

Below you can see where I’ll be staying in Hong Kong:

I now have about two weeks left before my departure to Hong Kong: I’ll leave on the 8th of January. My plane departs at 10pm and I’ll land in HK at 4pm the following day (local time is 7 hours later than in Holland). Keeping me company on the flight are Dickens’ Great Expectations, Memoirs of a Geisha (semi-appropriate) and one of the little puzzle booklets I’ve again grown addicted to over the last week of holidays. (hurrah for sudokus!)

When I arrive, I’ll have seven days left before the semester at Hong Kong University (HKU) starts. In that time, I need to fetch the key to my (shared!) room on 6 Sassoon Road, get myself registered at the uni, buy books, arrange student-, ID-, library-, public transport cards and whatnot. And of course, I also want to be touristy and take pictures of everything I encounter (I bet I’ll fit in). And all of this in seven days! Thusly, not surprisingly to those who know me, I’ve made a ‘7-steps-to-success’ plan to guide me through the first (hopefully) amazing, but probably also frustrating week:

Monday 9th: I arrive. As soon as I’ve managed to communicate my address to a taxi driver, he’s dropped me off at my new place and I’ve obtained the key from somewhere, I’ll gratefully drop my stuff on the floor and lie on my brand new (and clean, please?) bed for a while, recollecting my thought in agony of the long flight I’ve just endured. It’s possible I’ll meet my roommate already. When I’m done complaining to myself about the poor state of my back I’ll probably hurry into town to find some sheets and a mattress cover. Distracted by the beauty of HK, I’ll stare at the city in awe for hours until it’s too late to buy anything because all the stores are closed. I’ll then try to cheer myself up by eating some traditional Chinese dim sum and sleep under my UCU sweater at night. (Now I’ve described this possible scenario, I won’t let it happen to me, right? Right?!)
Mission #1: Stare at city in awe.

Tuesday 10th: Let’s postpone serious business for one more day, yes? I will have my first breakfast in HK and I’m begging to find a place where they sell yogurt; I’m just not that keen on rice in the mornings. Afterwards, I’ll equip myself with guide books and go for a stroll along the West side of Hong Kong Island, which is where the university campus is. For my birthday, my Uncle has kindly supplied me with a guide book (thanks again, Ton!) containing descriptions of many nice, touristy routes. I might go ahead and take the route through Central, one of the city’s business areas, passing remnants from HK’s colonial era as well as the area’s luxurious stores. You must know I’m a huge fan of prescribed routes in guide books. Besides this, being able to cross out must-sees on lists thrills me, don’t ask me why. Luckily, I’m not that naïve that I’ll skip the not-so-touristy stuff world famous places have to offer.
Mission #2: Tour the northwestern part of Hong Kong Island.

Wednesday 11th: Time has come for me to make my presence known at HKU. I’ve got a registration meeting scheduled at noon. I’m supposed to bring a shitload of documents and some stationery, so I might have to do some arm and wrist exercises the night before for all the bureaucratic form signing madness that is to occur. I won’t be surprised if all the arranging’ll take me the entire day.
Mission #3: REGISTRATION!!!

Thursday 12th: By this time I’ll have finished my books. I must find others somewhere! I will get lost on the campus at first, then find the library and hopefully find some nice books to borrow (for free, yes? please?). Then I’ll buy some snacks and station myself somewhere with a nice view and NOT MOVE THE REST OF THE DAY. Except to get more food, obviously.
Mission #4: Find ze literature!

Friday 13th (oh no!): AAAH! All my limbs make snapping sounds when I move them: I’d better find some ballet schools soon and schedule classes to check them all out. Also: Tai chi?
Mission #5: Go find ballet school and get healthy (and become ballerina superhero).

Saturday 14th: I’m in for a treat: sight-seeing! My guide book says Victoria Peak is the absolute must-see of HK. Apparently it offers a breath-taking view of the city. The Star Ferry is one way in which many natives travel to work every day. Then I’ll take a walk through a central area of Hong Kong: Tsim Sha Tsui. While sipping some tea in a cafe I might want to try and learn some basic Cantonese from my guide book. I’ll probably need it.
Mission #6: HK must-sees!

Sunday 15th: Get my stuff together for the start of the semester. I might also treat myself to some sushi or something, since it’s my last day of holidays :(. Actually, I might just go shopping in general since that manages to cheer me up quite quickly and efficiently. Besides, I’ll have thought of all the stuff I forgot to bring making it ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for me to go out and buy anything I need.
Mission #7: buy shit.

The people who know me well will already know about my fascination with structure(d) chaos and lil’ lists. If you hadn’t noticed yet, you will soon enough!

I’m off to having some cold and rainy fun while I still can ;). Cheers!

PS: Mum, you are now allowed to comment on all the stuff I forgot to plan. Go ahead, you know you want to.

PS2: I will change the picture in the header as soon as I’ve made some pictures myself!

PS3: Congratulate me, it’s my birthday. GO ON! You can comment by clicking on ‘Leave comment’ below this post.

4 thoughts on “7 days to get settled

  1. Dear Paula,

    I’m impressed already. I think you couldn’t make a better preparation than imagining your first week in order to now let go of everything, relax and experience (very thai chi!).
    Wishing you a wonderful time and looking forward to your blog stories!


  2. Paula, your (planned) first week sounded amazing, and quite realistic for some reason. It’s great fun to read, please gief Moar!
    And Happy Late Birthday!

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