Bikinis and All Blacks

Aight, so the weather has turned pretty, allowing me to do more fun and useless stuff rather than educational sight-seeing, which is about time!

Let me tell you about the first time I saw rugby played live: the HK Sevens! The Hong Kong Sevens is the most important rugby tournament in HK and is held every year in March. The games are called ‘Sevens’ because each team only has seven players. It is much simpler and shorter (and probably more interesting) than the ‘traditional’ 15-player rugby. However, rugby didn’t seem to be the focus of the event. Many supporters dressed up in crazy (tiny!) outfits, drank beer constantly and seemed to be paying minimal attention to the games. In fact, sometimes I felt like the only person watching, which is surprising since I’m not that interested in sports at all. Frankly, there were not many locals present. The large majority were big, sweaty, fat or buff Western middle-aged men. (sort of older versions of the rugby players)


Anna Maria, Kim and I dressed up too: Anna Maria was a Heineken bottle, Kim a Greek goddess and I was a doll. We got tickets from some people standing by the entrance, selling them for ridiculously cheap prices, since the games were only going on for another three hours. The final was played between the famous New Zealand team All Blacks and Fiji. Fiji won after an exciting match so we went to say hi to the All Blacks after the game, since they were left alone on the field to shake hands with people and dwell in sadness. Kim was particularly thrilled to have a talk with the players, since her home country is so close to theirs. (how cute)

I'm a doll

All dressed up for the Sevens!

Fiji scores against All Blacks

At the end of the games there were IMMENSE FIREWORKS. They were better than at New Year’s, I’m not even kidding. All in all, a great experience and a recommendation for everybody who happens to be in the neighbourhood around March. Don’t forget to party it up in Lan Kwai Fong afterwards, because there are MASSES of people there during the Sevens and it’s a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world while drinking Tsingtao beer in front of 7-eleven. πŸ™‚ The night before I actually went to see the games, I went out in LKF. This time I was dressed up as a ballerina. I had just bought new point shoes, so my costume provided a great (last) use to my old shoes.

Better fireworks than at Lunar New Year

Dressed up as a ballerina in LKF with Kim and Loye!

Another must-do in HK is the beach! There are many, many beaches in HK among which some that are ridiculously close to where I live (20 minutes by bus, I went to do homework at Repulse Bay just the other day; soooo relaxing). With a big group, we went to Hung Shing Ye beach at Lamma Island. Lamma Island lies southwest of HK Island and is reachable by ferry, like most of the other islands. About 5,000 people live in Lamma Island and it has a very relaxed atmosphere, mainly due to the fact that there are no cars on the island. However, one big downside was the view of the huge power plant from the beach: Hong Kong people are not very concerned with the landscape when it comes to economic growth, I guess.

We spent the day having a BBQ using the pits provided next to the beach. It was nice to have something else than Asian stir-fried meals for once. πŸ˜‰ I lied in the sun a lot, played some games and attempted to go into the water, even though it was freezing cold! It was very busy that day (it was a Sunday), but the beach was empty. This is because both Chinese and Hong Kong people dislike the sun and are afraid to get a tan. Their beauty ideal is to be as white as possible. Since I’m so white that I almost blind people when standing in the sun, some tourists took pictures of me in my bikini, which was… interesting.

BBQ, nomnom

This is it, for now. Next post I’ll start telling you all about my ‘adventures’ in mainland China!


P.S. Check out my flat mate Arden’s new blog! CLICK HERE!!!

2 thoughts on “Bikinis and All Blacks

  1. Hoi Paula, Het was leuk je op skype te zien en je zag er goed uit. Verder de verkleedpartijen waren grappig en dat voor een rugbywedstrijd! We blijven door je blogs goed op de hoogte hoe je leven in Hongkong verloopt. De blog van Arden ook gelezen. Daar moest ik wel even tijd aan besteden (erg lang) Nou Paula de groetjes weer en tot horens of schrijfs. Knuffel oma

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