The 86th Academy Awards

Right now, I’ve got a week off for Carnival, which is a big deal in Maastricht, so this enabled me to stay up until the ridiculous hour of 6 am last night, to watch the Oscars! There weren’t many surprises regarding the winners (most people agreed in advance that ‘12 years a slave‘ would win Best Film, and ‘Gravity‘ all the other less important awards nobody but people who are really into cinematography care about), so instead of extensively reviewing the winners, I’d like to review the fashion on the red carpet, because who doesn’t like big and beautiful dresses?? 😉

To start off, this was my favorite dress of all. Amy Adams (best actress nominee for ‘American Hustle‘) always nails it, but I especially liked how she didn’t give in to the sequin-glitter-trend and went for a simple navy-blue Gucci dress, which really flatters her skin tone and hair color. She was also wearing some amaaazing ruby earrings, which almost makes we want to run to the jeweller’s to get my ears pierced again (they were pierced once, but because I never wore earrings they closed 😦 ).

Some general trends appeared to be ‘statement necklaces’, in the words of Kelly Osbourne, who provided some of the fashion coverage for E! yesterday night. Most notably, Kristen Bell (‘Frozen‘), Idina Menzel (singer of ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen, which won the award for Best Original Song), Charlize Theron (presenter), and Naomi Watts (presenter) wore some amazing necklaces of which you can see pictures below.


Kristen Bell wore a Piaget necklace and earrings. Idina Menzel wore a Chimento necklace, especially made for her. Charlize Theron wore a Harry Winston necklace, above a stunning black Dior dress. Finally, Naomi Watts wore a Bulgari necklace in a spiderweb shape, which also looked amazing above her white Calvin Klein dress.

Trend #2: extremely glittery, sequiny beady dresses often in pale, nude colors. 😛 I’m not as much a fan of this trend as the previous one. In fact, I felt there were only two dresses with glittery sequins I really liked: that of Cate Blanchett (winner of the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role) and Naomi Watts.

Cate Blanchett was wearing a Giorgio Armani dress, which made her look really feminine and elegant. Some commented that the nude color of the dress kinda washes her out, because she has such fair skin, but I think the color is quite charming. Also, her win for Best Actress in a Leading Role was extremely deserved in my opinion! I don’t think any other actress could have brought ‘Blue Jasmine‘ to the level of emotional depth it has.

Naomi Watts was wearing a white Calvin Klein dress with sequins. I absolutely love the color of this dress: I think it makes her look really young and fresh, especially combined with her nonchalant hair.

However, here are some glittery dresses that made me go like ewwww:


Especially Lady Gaga’s dress is yucky, with the random pink scarf. Sally Hawkins is wrapped up to the neck in gold fabric with beads and other stuff, which doesn’t suit her petite body shape at all.

Anyway, back to the nice dresses :D. Another dress that received a lot of positive acclaim was the one worn by Lupita Nyong’o, who won the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role for her work on ’12 years a slave’.

This baby-blue (‘Nairobi-blue’ Nyong’o called it) dress is by Prada and suits her athletic body extremely well. Her accessories add to the simplicity of the dress really well, and notably, she was one of the only women on the red carpet to have bright red lips. In my opinion, Nyong’o brings a fresh dash of color to a red carpet otherwise ridden with a lot of nude tones.

Finally, Charlize Theron also wore on of my favorite dresses: a black figure-hugging dress by Christian Dior in a sort of 50s style. I especially like the light colored straps and Theron’s supersimple haircut.

For me, these were the highlights. Of course, there were many other fantastic (and awful) dresses sported at the Oscars. For some more reviews, check out the websites listed below. Take into account that the opinions wildly differ on the best and worst dressed.

Also, check out how hungry this little cat is 😀

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