So it SNOWED in Cambridge a few days ago. There had been the occasional badshit snow or hail storm the week before, but this country is too wet for ice of any temperature not to melt straightaway. However, THIS time the snow settled. So of course I ran out with my camera in the morning like a crazy person to get some snapshots of the beautiful scenery before the snow would melt (and rightly so, because in the afternoon most of it was gone). In this post I’ll show some of the pics together with some fun historical facts about this place, because it seems I never stop being a crazy tourist however long I live in any place.

Also, thanks so much for the remarkable amount of times you read my previous blog post. It was viewed a staggering 121 times in a single day! (how many of those views consisted of actually reading the entire post, I don’t know though 😉 but who cares, I have been told it’s all about the ‘clicks’ :P) It feels good to know people are interested in my life, I guess 😛 *flings hair back*

Alright, to start I walked a little bit along the River Cam and took this beautiful shot of (from left to right) Clare College, King’s College Chapel and the Gibbs building. Clare College is actually the second oldest college in Cambridge, founded in 1326, then called University Hall. Elizabeth de Clare then donated some large sum of money to the college in 1338 after which it was known as Clare Hall. The building you can see in the picture is called Old Court and was built in the 17th century. I really like this building because of it’s colored stone.


Below you can see the crest of Clare College. As you can see, it is surrounded by golden drops. These are supposed to symbolize Elizabeth de Clare’s tears as she was widowed three times. However, as the guide told us last weekend when I was on a tour with my friend, all three husbands were very rich, which is perhaps why the teardrops are made of gold. 😉

Gonville and Caius College (confusingly pronounced as Gonville and Keys, since John Keys, one of the founders of this college latinized his name to Caius, which was apparently a fashionable thing to do in the 16th century. This immediately made me go like: ooooh, d’you reckon there is a latin name generator online somewhere? What a silly question, Paula, of course there is. Not sure if Bellona Caesar beats my Elvish name Nindë Lúinwë.) is, among other things, known for its three ‘gates to academic enlightenment’: the Gate of Humility, the Gate of Virtue and the Gate of Honor (as shown on the picture below). It seems quite symbolic that the Gate of Honor ends on a pretty dodgy back street wedged between the Senate House and the college (yay for academia!)


A college I hadn’t visited yet is St John’s College, founded by Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother of King Henry VII, or who I like to refer to as ‘the annoying bitch from The White Queen’, which is  based on watching an amaaaazing TV series about the War of the Roses. I can’t say it’s a very historically accurate show, but it sure is good AND it made Margaret Beaufort seem hella crazy. Anyway, so she founded St. John’s College, which I guess is pretty cool of her. A very famous tourist attraction at St John’s is the Bridge of Sighs, named after a bridge in Venice which looks nothing like it.


Tomorrow I will be giving a Dutch girl from York a tour through the city. I’m bringing my camera in case I bump into some interesting new sights that I haven’t encountered before and of course I will be blogging that shit as well.

And before I leave you to lead your sad and/or boring and/or important lives once more, I want to share with you a discovery I made this week: turns out Aziz Ansari is not just the dude from ‘Parks & Recreation’; he also does stand-up! Here’s a clip of him speaking THE TRUTH:

7 thoughts on “Snow!!1

  1. Hey Paula, beautiful pictures! And thanks for the historical background, you make a good tour guide. By the way, you need to update your “About me” corner. 😉

  2. HEY Paula, Weer een mooi verhaal en foto’s. Wat een prachtige gebouwen zo in de sneeuw. Het verhaal over de gouden tranen van Elizabeth deClare die drie keer weduwe van rijke heren was vond ik leuk. Leuk dat je nu al als gids op gaat treden voor dat meisje. Je bent goed bezig. Succes verder. Oma

  3. Love all your blogs, and like your father says ” you would make a great tour guide”
    Thanks for all the info…….
    Elena from Miami.

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